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R & D Center

The company attaches great importance to the innovation ability and the instruction of the innovation platform since its inception and set a high standard of technical research and development center. The center consists of animal vaccines, diagnostic reagents, bio-engineering, process technology, high-tech formulation of synthetic drugs, veterinary drugs totaling seven research institutes and experimental animal research centers and other ancillary support systems, Intellectual Property Department and other public administration sections. The company has laboratory research, pilot and production scale-up studies, animal studies, quality control research, clinical research and other ancillary support systems. With all kinds of R & D staff of more than 150 people. Organizations relying on the company's technology development center  include: the National Research Center for veterinary approval by the Ministry of Science, the enterprise technical center established jointly by the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science, the post-doctoral research station approved by the National Human Resources and Social Security and the Henan academician workstation for veterinary drug development established by the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province and other agencies.  

Beside the independent innovation, the center actively carry out extensive research cooperation So far, close research strategy alliances had been establish with Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center, South China Agricultural University, USA SBC companies and many other well-known institutions.  Center glued edge technology and market demand, aimed at the "blank spots" in the industry technologies and products and the "binding sites"of the national industrial policy and market realities demand, dedicated to veterinary biological products, chemicals, high-tech formulation and in veterinary medicine research and development, industrial development of veterinary drugs around the common, the key core technology research, focus on improving the engineering and industrial capabilities and the ability to open service, veterinary medicine industry as a whole to enhance technological progress, promote healthy development of China's animal husbandry technical support.

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