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Expert team
Team Profiles
Pulike has more than 170 existing R&D personnel, covering technical personnel in preventive veterinary medicine, clinical veterinary medicine, microbiology, biotechnology, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacy, technology research, etc. and forming a doctor and master-based technology R&D team featuring a reasonable specialty structure and constantly optimized hierarchy. The company builds a good technology R&D platform, providing sufficient space for the constant growth of R&D personnel. While adhering to self-cultivation, the company also pays attention to introducing high-end talents from internationalized perspectives, for example, Researcher Ke-Gong Tian, former director of the Veterinary Medicine Diagnosis Room of China Animal Disease Control and Prevention Center, currently appointed specialist in the Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Reference Laboratory of the OIE, member of National Animal Epidemic Prevention Committee of Experts, and the highly pathogenic PRRS team leader; Dr. Chaoyong Bai returned from the University of Florida, and Dr. Li-Chang Zhang, former CTO of Pfizer Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (China region) have become the major technical force of Pulike, providing technical guidance for the R&D, sales and other aspects of the company.
Tian Kegong
Deputy General Manager
Zhang Xuke
Chairman, researcher
Sun Jinzhong
General manager
Liu Xingjin
Chief Engineer
 Qiao Meijin
Chief Engineer
Bai Zhaoyong
Deputy General Manager
Rong Jungong
Academic leaders
Zhang Lichang
Deputy General Manager
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