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The company has a complete category Pulike industry GMP production line

The company is a national Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises, highly pathogenic blue ear disease vaccine and innovative pilot enterprises in Henan Province, Henan Province, the focus of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, Chinese veterinary biologics manufacturers 10 strong and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture live vaccine manufacturing enterprises. Currently, with, including embryo toxicity of inactivated vaccine production line, cytotoxic inactivated vaccine production line, embryo toxic vaccine production line, antibody production line, cytotoxic live vaccine production line, veterinary preparations production lines of synthetic drugs production line, in veterinary medicine extraction production line, including all class production line more than 20, to produce a vaccine for swine, poultry vaccines and antibodies and other biological products 30 products and powder, powder and injections of 10 categories of veterinary drug formulations over 300 products, production quality management system has been fully organized by the Ministry of Agriculture veterinary drug GMP certification, production capacity in the forefront of the industry.

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