<h3>Combined inactivated vaccine against Paracircovirus type 2 and Haemophilus parasuis (SH strain + Serotype 4, Strain JS + Serotype 5, Strain ZJ)</h3> <p>1. It is the first company in China to use the clone cell (STK) culture technology, the antigen content of vaccine is as high as 1X104.5TCID50/ds, the titer is increased by nearly 100 times, it is pure and free from BVDV contamination; <br> 2. It is the first company in China to use immunofluorescence assay detection technology to detect antigen content in semi-finished products and finished products, with accurate results, reduced human error and stable between batches; <br> 3. It is the first company in China to adopt heat-resistant freeze-drying protection technology to ensure stable titer of vaccine during storage and transportation at 2-8℃ and realized dilution with diluent at the same temperature.</p>

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