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Gold quality for the benefit of mankind
  Pulike, that is, the public generally like it. It means we provide customers with satisfying products and service. Pulike biotech companies continue to strengthen the philosophy of “decent and sound business”.,  The companies put a high value on the awareness of quality, operate strictly according to law, strengthen GMP management, pay attention to the production process control in the development process. The introduction of European experts, the veterinary drug production quality management concepts and experiences  leaned from Europe and  developed countries and the import of the advanced quality management concepts, SOP revision and optimization all made the product quality to a steady and upgrading level. At the same time, the company has established a project team of process optimization and innovation  and make process optimization and innovation for existing products continuously. Pulike was the first one to use the two-dimensional code traceability system to promote the construction of veterinary medicine in the industry, and standardized product label instructions according to the relevant regulations. the actual action to value the quality and safety responsibilities aims for providing users with satisfying products and services.
Innovative achievements in the future

Innovation ability is the core competitiveness of the company. People in Pulike believe that innovation is not mysterious and the key is to have the courage to do. It’s not that every innovation has to be great, but if innovation can continuously promote each work, the enterprise will finally bring vitality and have unlimited career. Pulike adheres to the innovation in concept, technology, marketing and management and of which the concept innovation is foremost. In more than a decade of innovation practice, Pulike thinks that only being armed with knowledge of the mind, to keep pace with the times, to enhance the team's learning ability, innovation ability and resource integration ability through the company learning organization, we can get concept innovation. At the same time, Pulike college's normal operation will spread widely the "innovation creates future", "gold quality for the benefit of mankind" and "decent and sound operation" and other advanced business philosophy. It’s the origin of innovation practice of a company that the employees all give high agree to the business philosophy and complete effectively in the operation and management. Change the thought and then you can change the behavior. The concept innovation can effectively drive technology, marketing and management innovation.

Decent sound operation
  The serious one can get right direction and the right direction can get help..Pulike is always promoting the the development of the industry and meeting the demands of consumers. It is also the company tenet to make users satisfied with the products and services promote The legitimate business is the cornerstone of Pulike company for sustainable development. The rightway is more important than a easier way; the greatest enemy of one person is himself, so is an enterprise . Only the companies continuing to know themselves, understanding the environment, recognizing surroundings, constantly patching their management short board in the course of business operation, they can continuously improve the operational level and achieve a sound and rapid development!
Professional and career sync
 “Company relies on my developmentand I rely on the company's growth” is a concept that every employee in Pulike familiar with  and highly approved. Pulike adhere tothe view that attracting talent with corporate values and the appreciation of talent, uniting talent with the business platform and growth opportunities, retaining talent with the corporate culture and a common aspiration .. The company advocates employees to make performance on the job, at the same time become a qualified professional people and show the social value of one’s achievement through struggle. With the development of the company's business platform, optimizing the pay and benefits, promotion of the established channels and dynamic management options, so that attracting more elites into the company's business.
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